Wednesday, August 27, 2014

5 books close to my heart

I have noticed this activity on Facebook recently where people nominate their friends to talk about 10 books that have touched their lives in somewhat way. Today I am writing about such 5 books here on the blog because no one nominated me yet on Facebook (sad face!)

But I know that I won't be able to come up with 10 such books anyways. I am a passionate book reader and there hasn't been a month since long when I don't finish at least one book. However, the books that have really touched my heart or have an importance for me in my life are very few. Let's take a look:

1. Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

I am sure there are a lot of people out there who will relate to this book like I do. I was recommended this book by someone when I was 14 and was going through a rough period in life along with my family. This book wasn't just a read. This book spoke to me! I can easily say that my connection with "Alchemist" is very emotional. Over the years as I grew up, a lot of my preferences, likings and disliking changed but whenever someone asks me for my favorite book, "Alchemist" it is.

2. Feel the fear ..... and do it anyway - Susan Jeffers.

I have been an ardent fan of "sensible" self help books. I am quoting "sensible" because I don't understand why some authors ultimately end up asking readers to contact them or buy their program online to learn the biggest magical secret in order to change their life. I mean if some one had that many hundreds of dollars to spare, they would already be helping themselves with, I don't know, retail therapy!

This book, "Feel the fear... and do it anyway" by Susan Jeffers, found me one day when I was picking up used books from a second hand book shop in Karachi. I used to buy used books in bulk so when I noticed this, I added it in my cart without wondering about its content quality. And when I finally started reading this book, I was thankful to it for having found me. It has stayed with me since 2007 and I go back to it each time I have a decision to make which makes me question my ability or fear the outcome. There is of course no magic spell within this book but those who are into self help books like I am, they will enjoy the situations, solutions, examples and personal strategies to cope with those situations in life where your heart and mind tend to act like mere organs, leaving you blank for an idea or a response.

3. The Mythic Tarot by Juliet Sharman-Burke & Liz Greene.

This Tarot guide was a gift made to me by my Tarot reader in Karachi, Pakistan. 

Not only did he give me this book but also an entire Tarot deck with it. The reason behind the gift, he said that he could the ability in me and needed to be worked upon. I spent many months trying to understand the meanings of the cards using this book. Few years later, today, I feel like these Tarot cards speak to me. And so, this book has a lot of emotional value for me.

4. In the City of Gold and Silver by Kenize Mourad.

This book is written by a French author who came to Alliance Francaise de Karachi in 2013 to conduct the Press and Public launch event.

And than, so it happened that she was in need of someone to do a reading of her book for the press conference. I was suggested to her and she called me to do a demo reading for her in private. Only after few lines, she was happy with my reading style and offered me to read for her event. I was ecstatic! Being a book lover, getting a chance to read for an author is such an opportunity. Moreover, I learned the skill of reading excerpts for public like authors do.

Apart from the appreciation of fellow colleagues from the press, the biggest joy for me was in the appreciation given by the author herself! When I was told by her that I did justice to her writing, I was blushing.

Here is what she wrote for me on my copy of the book:

5. Open Secret - Version of RUMI by John Moyne and Coleman Barks.

The great work of RUMI needs no introduction or justification for being admired. This book also chose me from my trip to used books store. It is one of my most prized possessions. While I can share most of my books with friends hoping they will be returned, this one however, is exclusive to me.

Have you read any of these books and if yes, did they inspire you in any way? I will be looking forward your comments and will also be glad to know about some of the books which are close to your heart.