Monday, June 30, 2014

Lala ponders - Let's get to know Zoya and Y'all!

Today I am feeling inquisitive.

One of those days when I don't want to talk away about myself, my life and the things I do etc. We can say, I am missing doing what I used to do ie: interviewing a variety of people everyday. So, I just wanna ask loads of senseless, hypothetical and fun (that's the plan) questions. Even though my direct target of this questionnaire is Zoya, I am also looking forward y'all, my lovely readers, to participate as well by commenting below in the comment box. Asking yourself these questions might help you learn things about yourself that you never even knew before!

So my dear Zoya and y'all ready?

Monday, June 23, 2014

LUSH SUMMER OF BORDEAUX - It's raining samples in June

Earlier this month, I wrote about my experience with LUSH in Bordeaux and the products that I purchased from there. If you haven't read that post yet, please click here to read it: Bordeaux Diaries - Lala's "LUSH" life.

I have to admit that I am a huge fan of LUSH products ever since my discovery of the shop in my city. I go there once at least a week even if I am not buying anything to just look around, maintain a mental "to-buy" list and have a little chit chat with the super friendly staff.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

It's summer at DURANCE and it smells like Tiaré Flower!

Bordeaux is all hot, bright and sunny these days and your Lala is loving it! Nowadays, all I need is an excuse to go out and what better excuse is there to find something worth writing about on this blog for you all?

DURANCE was one of the first few authentic French brands which I came across in Bordeaux and wrote about in my Bordeaux Diaries series on this blog. Not only do they manufacture organic handmade skin and body care products but also handmade soaps, scents, perfumes, candles, essential oils and various other products targeted to enhance the overall sense of well being around you. If you haven't previously read my first ever review of DURANCE, click here to read it:  Bordeaux Diaries: DURANCE - Art de vivre - Art de la terre

Last week, I stopped by the beautiful boutique to greet Mrs. Catherine Fender, the DURANCE boutique manager in Bordeaux and inquire about any latest products I may be missing on. The timing was in fact great! With the same enthusiasm and friendliness for which I remember her since my first interaction with her, Mrs. Catherine Fender informed me about the latest summer special arrivals at DURANCE. The theme of the summer at Durance is Tiaré Flower and the many things I learned about this flower ensured that I share my knowledge with you all.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Thinking Out Loud - What is the defination of a "Good Life?"

Tadaaaaa, here is to the first year completion in France. From various uncertainties to few cherished certainties, from feeling like a lost baby bird to flying a whole lot more confidently in the new whereabouts of my city, from frowning at the idea of walking long distances to gladly breaking into random sprints in the streets, from hating a long grey cold weather to sweating incessantly in the current summer season, from approaching shopkeepers with the phrase: "Est-que vous parlez en anglais un peu?"to finally being able to chatter around in sufficient french, from having no one to call "my" friend in the city to having found quite a handful of "my very dear" friends and from being unsure of myself to becoming assured that someone up there in the skies is still looking out for me, this is how my first year in France turned out to be! Life, I would insist on saying so, is good!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Lala's Playlist - Top 10 best Bollywood workout songs

Welcome summers for how I missed you! All I needed to get my spirits high was a cloudless sky and a blazing sun. Not that it's as hot as in Karachi but since last one week, the joy of going out without as much as a jacket is just beyond explanation. For me, this is somehow the best season to workout and amidst the french beats which are played at my gym, what makes me feel original is my very own handpicked selection of songs on my mp3 player.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Bordeaux Diaries - Lala's "LUSH" life.

Lush is a world renowned UK based handmade/organic cosmetic brand but today I am going to write about it in my Bordeaux Diaries series because I had my first ever Lush experience in Bordeaux recently. The brand itself needs no introduction but I will still do my bit of effort to record my own latest affair with Lush products.